Story of a Coolie


A Westerner and a Chinese visted a poor country, they lived together and talked about food, the westerner said she can eat rice for 2 or 3 days but she can't eat rice as dinner every day ; the Chinese said she can eat pizza as dinner for a few days yet she can't eat pizza for every meal.

While they are arguing about food, a coolie delivered a fridge to their apartment, they asked the coolie why the delivery was so late, the coolie said he didn't have money to spend on transport, so he carried the fridge on his back and walked to their apartment.

Also, the coolie told them he wanted to keep the cardboard box of the fridge because he didn't have a bed, he wanted to sleep on it under cold weather.

After these 2 visitors knew that some people don't have money to spend on transport and no bed to sleep in poor country, they didn't argue to eat Western or Chinese food again, as long as they have food to eat.


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