In Taiwan, Li was born in a poor family, after he grew up and got a job, he had to afford heavy medical expense for his family because all of his family members are unhealthy, thus he's so poor that he had no more money to save or spend on other matters. Why would he be poor in his whole life?

In his last life, he was rich but stingy, after he had dinner, the beggers came to beg for food, he rejected even though he had a lot of leftover food. Also, he didn't donate money to the poverty.

Have you ever asked why some people were born in a weathy family but some people were born in a poor family / country? You may think it's unfair, actually it's due to cause-and-effect. Even if you don't believe cause-and-effect, there's no harm to anybody if we are generous to help the people in need, right?

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