This is a cause-and-effect story, many years ago, Liu's arm was shot by a small stone, he had no ideas where's it from and who did it, his arm was very painful then lost sensation for the rest of his life.

How come a small stone could hurt his arm so badly? Because in his previous life, he was so naughty that he always hit the birds, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. by stones and caused the animals injury, some of them even lost the ability to look for food and died.

This story is a kind reminder that we should respect life, don't hurt any animals.
One day, JACKIE the Living Buddha and a person,Yeung, visited a parrot.

They asked the parrot what did she do in the previous life, the parrot told them she was a trouble maker in previous life, she always liked to gossip, defame, stir up dissenion, she even said something wrong and caused a couple to quarrel and divorce, so she's a parrot in this life.

Although she (a parrot) could speak in this life, she had to stay in a small cage with no freedom, that's why she regreted about her faults in the previous life.

No matter you believe cause-and-effect or not, it's neccessary for us to mind the words, no gossiping, no defamation, no cursing, no discord sowing.....



One day, a monk saw a beautiful rainbow and walked toward it, he found that an old woman was chanting Mantra at home, yet she had a pronunciation mistake, the monk corrected her pronunciation then left.

The old woman continued to chant Mantra, but she couldn't concentrate as she had to stop for a second to recall the correct pronunciation taught by the monk.

Meanwhile, the monk turned back and discovered that the beautiful rainbow disappeared, he walked back to the old woman's house and asked her to chant with her original (wrong) pronunciation, the old woman did what she was told and the rainbow appeared again.

No matter you pray or chant Mantra, concentration is very important, try not to think about other matters when you are praying or chanting Mantra.



In Taiwan, Li was born in a poor family, after he grew up and got a job, he had to afford heavy medical expense for his family because all of his family members are unhealthy, thus he's so poor that he had no more money to save or spend on other matters. Why would he be poor in his whole life?

In his last life, he was rich but stingy, after he had dinner, the beggers came to beg for food, he rejected even though he had a lot of leftover food. Also, he didn't donate money to the poverty.

Have you ever asked why some people were born in a weathy family but some people were born in a poor family / country? You may think it's unfair, actually it's due to cause-and-effect. Even if you don't believe cause-and-effect, there's no harm to anybody if we are generous to help the people in need, right?

A businessman has been hard working for many years, after he retired, he has already saved 5 millions dollars. One day, he was leaving home for traveling with his family, yet the god of death came and attempted to take him away.

The businessman said "Not today, I am going to travel with my family for a month, please come again a month later"
The god of death said "No, you must die today"

The businessman asked "How about you come again a week later?"
The god of death still said "NO"

The businessman asked "Could you give me a few minutes?"
The god of death said "Alright"

Then the businessman wrote something on a piece of paper quickly :

"Life is unpredictable, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to enjoy your life, don't neglect your family and friends."

One day, a young lady went to hosiptal to visit her mother and asked what does her mother want to eat, after her mother answered, she found that all these food are what her mother disliked in the past. She couldn't understand until she has children.

Because she let her husband and children to eat more and eat better, every time her children asked her "Mom, do you want to eat this?", she would say "No, I don't like eating it."


Timid Soldiers


Once upon a time, many soldiers ran away from a war, some of them ran 100 steps, some of them ran 50 steps.

The soldiers running 50 steps sneered at the 100 steps'. Actually, all these soldiers are timid and wrong, so the soldiers running 50 steps shouldn't sneer at anybody.

The fact is that many people like to critize others' mistakes / shortcomings, yet they may have the same mistakes / shortcomings too and without self-evaluation, so this story reminds us to have introspection. The more self-evaluation, the easier self-improvement.
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