A rich businessman went to a temple and saw that a poor elderly donated 5 dollars to the temple, the monk appreciated the donation and prayed for the elderly. The businessman approached them proudly, he donated 50 thousand dollars, of course the monk was happy yet he asked his pupil to pray for the businessman.

The businessman thought it's unfair and asked the monk angrily "This elderly donated 5 dollars deserved you to pray for him, how come I donated 50 thousand dollars only deserved your pupil to pray for me?"

The monk explained "This elderly is very poor and it is not easy for him to donate 5 dollars, so I can see that he is 100% sincere, of course he deserved me to pray for him ; However, you are wealthy, it is very easy for you to donate 50 thousand dollars, and your attitude is proud, thus you are 50% sincere and deserved my pupil to pray for you.

The purpose of donation is to help the people in need, not to show off the wealth.


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